Daily Network Management Links for 2006-06-12

[Daily Post from AlterPoint] Network Management Evolution: Network Security in the Financial Sector

Earlier, “we discussed the effect on reputation, customer confidence, and the bottom line that true or even perceived security risks could have on a company. To boil it down to it’s most basic form, if people aren’t sure a business can protect their vital data, they’re going to take their business elsewhere.”

Enterprise Networking Planet: Cisco Spends $47.8 Million on Comm Startups

“Communications experts believe IMS will be a multi-billion-dollar market forswitch_and_cables2.jpg years to come as corporations scramble to meld their communications gear with IT infrastructure. Embracing IMS is another way for Cisco to broaden its portfolio to stave off stagnant, traditional networking gear sales and pace the competition. Rivals Nortel, Alcatel and Juniper Networks are all building or acquiring their own IMS portfolios.” End-to-End Service Monitoring - The Holy Grail

“In my past life, I ran no fewer than five different QoE tools to try and provide visibility into what our external and internal customers experienced. While I believe in using these capabilities to “tie” together all of the traditional monitoring, I spent more time defending the quality of the data than providing any realy value to the business with the tools. Every organization/functional silo in IT had to save face, defend their turf and find a way to point their finger and someone else in the service delivery chain.”

N-tiers without the tears!: Have you ever been Experienced?

“QoE is absolutely consistent with best practice. However, when investing in QoE technologies one should be careful of who is defining QoE (i.e., QoE of what services?). It should be the customer (read business process).”

erp4it: The hosting “zone of contention”

“Designing and building solutions is often equated with software development and integration/configuration. However, any solution requires platforming, and in larger organizations the engineering of computing and network platforms capable of supporting the desired software solutions becomes a significant activity in its own right, albeit one less well covered in the popular computing press. The value chain can be seen as having both application and infrastructure tracks, with a hosting “zone of contention” in between them.”