Managing change and configuration for network devices is a bit like changing parts to a car while it is speeding down the roadway at 80 miles/hour. The reason is, of course, that change is constant service cannot be disrupted during the process. From the end-user’s perspective, networks “just work” – don’t they?

Networks are the lifeblood of modern organizations. The number and variety of devices required to support network services is growing at an exponential rate. It is no longer an anomaly for large enterprises to need to manage 100,000 or more devices to support users around the world. More devices mean more management headaches for the network engineers who are tasked with keeping all the plates spinning. Emerging security threats and compliance regulations have made that job even more challenging, with the requirement to not only keep it all working, but also report the “who”, “when” and “why” behind every decision. An evolution is required to meet today’s requirements.

The Network Management Evolved blog was created to share some of the latest thinking in network device management and the impact is has on the enterprise. It is intended for anyone who needs to understand the methods, procedures and management best-practices for keeping it all running at 80 miles/hour.

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